Meet Amy


“The more we are committed to and guided by our internal compass and core values, the more powerful a source of energy they become.  It is our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs that are the roadmap for action and fuel the energy on which our purpose is built, resulting in a fuller, healthier and happier career and life experience.”

 –Amy L. Robinson, Founder and Lead Consultant and Coach


“The People-Strategist" 

"The expert in the people side of business"

"The Queen of Human Dynamics in the work place"

. . . are just a few of the phrases that describe Amy L. Robinson, a certified professional coach and organizational consultant who helps her high performing clients (individuals and organizations) develop the necessary tools and techniques to Aspire Higher in their careers, lives and businesses. Amy is Founder of Robinson & Associates Consulting, LLC.

Amy began her leadership development as the youngest team member of the senior management team for the retail division of PNC Bank, Philadelphia market. During the next two decades, she worked in corporate leadership roles with The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Compass Bank's Wealth Management Group prior to starting her own leadership development coaching and management consulting business. Described as "The external consultant and coach with an insider's knowledge of corporate culture," Amy epitomizes experience, expertise, professionalism and motivation in helping her clients succeed in their leadership roles.

In addition to coaching leaders, Amy is also a national speaker presenting and facilitating workshops on topics of leadership development and gender training. She trains and coaches leaders to think about their most challenging work and life situations in a more empowering context by providing a new "tool box" of thoughts and behaviors to use. Amy's mission is to teach, influence, and inspire leaders to constantly reinvent themselves. Her style in both coaching and presenting is described as "educational, informative, truth-telling and transformational."

Her Signature Leadership Group Coaching Program: Aspire Higher

Amy helps winning corporations across the country support their top female talent by offering a unique in-house professional development program based on a peer-coaching model. Designed to improve a company's effectiveness in attracting, developing and retaining women, Aspire Higher prepares top female talent for leadership and career success by helping them assess and access their leadership capabilities and hone essential leadership skills, including negotiation, communicating, creating vision and strategy, and influencing. The program teaches concrete strategies for career advancement adding to an organization's talent strategy and leadership pipeline. Aspire Higher also helps women understand and master the gender dynamics in the workplace and develop effective strategies for managing these dynamics for their own success.

Amy is a powerful change agent directing women towards leadership roles in business and enabling corporations to more effectively reach and retain top female talent.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and is certified by The Mastery Group in the Field of Executive Coaching. In addition, she is a certificate holder from The Life Coach Institute, Temple University's program Leadership and Management, Rice University's Foundations of Leadership, and is a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Trait Indicator Instrument Step I and Step II (completing at the level of Master practitioner), as well as the FIRO-Business Leadership assessment.

Areas of Expertise:

Executive Coaching
Executive Team Development
Leadership Development
Career and Life Coaching
Gender Training
Women's Leadership Development
Business Coaching
Team Building
Talent Management
Succession Planning
Diversity and Inclusion Coaching and Training
Emerging Leaders
Multi-Generational Training and Coaching

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